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在Gartner最新一期的webinar“Hadoop的2016, 进入主流”中,Gartner在数据库和大数据领域的资深分析师Merv Adrian与Nick Heudecker回顾了2015年Hadoop市场的发展并对2016年做了展望。他们预测,2016年全球的Hadoop软件的销售额对比2015年将会翻倍。同时,他们还向全球的客户正式介绍了国际Hadoop市场的新成员——来自中国的星环科技。他们提到:




关于Gartner Webinar:Gartner分析师关注中国大数据平台软件公司



A Chinese Big Data Company is on Gartner’s Radar

In its latest webinar, Hadoop 2016: Moving Into Mainstream, analysts Merv Adrian and Nick Heudecker discussed the current state of the market for Hadoop as well as its expected state in 2016. They expected that, by the end of 2015, software revenue for pure play Hadoop to have at least doubled compared to 2014. They also commented that the market would see a lot of expansions of footprints for Hadoop in 2016, as organizations that had built their pilots are getting into larger projects.

What was more, Merv and Nick brought to the attention of Gartner’s global customers a Hadoop vendor from China by the name of Transwarp. They said,

“There is a new player in the market, ... a company from China by the name of Transwarp, which was put together by the same folks who built the Intel distribution for Hadoop for a brief time within the market before Intel jumped in and made a major investment in Cloudera. This organization has a large and quite robust portfolio of things they are building around their Hadoop distribution to make it more broadly applicable. It is a very interesting company. They had two executives in New York at Strata walking around looking at everything that was going on, so one suspect that they are thinking about whether to get into the market outside what’s an enormous potential market in China, where they already have hundreds of customers. ... It is a very comprehensive software platform. Most interestingly, they have PL/SQL compatibility! And those kinds of integration with the rest of fabric are becoming an increasing theme.”

This is the second time Transwarp has caught the attention of organizations outside of China in a short span of a little more than two weeks. Stay tuned for what Transwarp has to offer to the Hadoop market as its influence expands internationally.





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